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Import NuGet.Server packages

NuGet.Server is a lightweight standalone NuGet server. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to BaGet if you use NuGet.Server. Feel free to open a GitHub issue if you need help migrating.


Please refer to the BaGet vs NuGet.Server page for reasons to upgrade to BaGet.


Make sure that you've installed nuget.exe. In PowerShell, run:

$source = "<NuGet.Server package source>"
$destination = "<BaGet package source>"

If you've configured BaGet to require an API Key, set it using the setapikey command:

& nuget.exe setapikey "MY-API-KEY" -Source $destination

Now run the following PowerShell script:

if (!(Test-Path "Web.config")) {
  throw "Please run this script in the same directory as NuGet.Server's Web.config file"

(& nuget.exe list -AllVersions -Source $source).Split([Environment]::NewLine) | % {
  $id = $_.Split(" ")[0].Trim()
  $version = $_.Split(" ")[1].Trim()

  $path = [IO.Path]::Combine("Packages", $id, $version, "${id}.${version}.nupkg")

  Write-Host "nuget.exe push -Source $destination ""$path"""
  & nuget.exe push -Source $destination $path